Indian Point Dog Training

At Indian Point we don't train for the show ring, we train for the world you and your dog live in. It is based on traditional methods.

The first thing you need to realize when you join us is that we do not use treats or clickers, etc. We use real leashes and collars with pet and praise as their reward.

The goal of our training is a dog that is totally reliable off leash. Reaching this level of obedience is the reward for your hard work.

Our training is conducted outdoors. This is a world of cars, children, squirrels, new dogs, new scents and other distractions too numerous to mention. We never avoid distractions; we seek them out, or create them and put them to use in order to build dogs whose obedience is rock solid and reliable under any circumstances.

A dog's good behavior is praised and bad behavior is never ignored. Pet and praise, along with appropriate discipline will produce a dog that is stable, reliable and confident. This is a dog that has a master to look to and trust to keep him safe and not rely on his own judgement. The level of obedience and bond in our dogs is rarely seen these days. Why is this, when there are so many dog trainers around?

We invite you to come out and observe a class, or bring your dog out for an initial evaluation. We think our dogs are amazing and would love for you to meet them.